TSMIA aims to support and promote the health industry in non-prescription medicines (OTC), herbal/ traditional medicine and health supplements in Thailand. To improve the self-care and self-medication concept, which is one way to support and encourage sustainable good health for Thai people. 
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Logo contest for the TSMIA

Out of 100+ logos submitted, five companies from all those who joined the TSMIA activities have been appointed as judges to select the logo.  The winning logo, as show on top of this article, is of K. Phubeth Pengjan.  We have taken the opportunity that Dr. David Webber, Director-General, of WSMI was in Bangkok to honorary us to present the award to K. Phubeth on May 6th  ,2009 at the Board of Trade of Thailand.

TSMIA meeting with APSMI Working Group

On March 2nd, 2009 TSMIA represented in Asia Pacific Self Medication Industry (APSMI) working group meeting. The propose is to harmonize OTC industry in Asia Pacific. Other agendas are reviewed activities of APSMI regulatory affairs in 2009 and planning next activities in year 2010. This working group have intention to organize APSMI Association by year  2010. The meeting was run successful at  Jintara Room, Peninsula Hotel, Charoennakorn Rd., Bangkok.  

Thai Self Medication Industry Association